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About me

In short

Born in Maniago in 1982, he graduates in Sports Science at the University of Udine in 2006. He then graduates in Osteopathy at the European Institute of Osteopathic Medicine in Padua in 2013. He’s currently practising in a private practice. and working as a teacher at the Nuova Scuola di Osteopatia (‘New School of Ostheopathy’) in Treviso, while collaborating with several sports associations.


Driven by curiosity to the osteopathic subject, he immediately falls in love with it due to its holistic vision and the delicate, yet profound approach that it can have. The six years of education allow him to get into a new, enlightening mental shape, a different vision of the body and its regulatory principles. Passion and desire for knowledge guide the journey. Silence, perception and listening are the way.

Strength and conditioning coach

In 2006/2007 he enrols in the course for basketball physical trainers, organised by the APFIP. He worked with Reyer Venezia for 6 years, following the A-series and the Settore Giovanile (‘Youth Sector’). He’s been local spokesman and in charge of the education of trainers in the Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia until 2013. Up until 2015, he was the trainer of the Nazionale Giovanile U16 (‘Junior National Team’).

Personal Trainer

He used to work for several fitness centres and A-series basketball players. The wide competences gained and the interest towards training systems that look at the individual and their movement and bodily expression capabilities allowed him to elaborate highly customised training plans.

Studies and research

He worked at the project ‘Bimbo in forma’ (‘Kids in shape’) for two years, helping a group of obese children at the paediatric hospital in Pordenone through physical activity and a correct diet. Together with dr. Falcone he developed a manual technique in the thesis: Central Lines. Analysis through cardiac variability. He lead a study on the relationship between strength and bioelectrical impedance analysis among elite basketball players.